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About Nancy Statham 

I have always been fixing my friends computers, helping them with their animals and homes while they are on vacation.  I've loved helping my friends.  So I decided since I am retired that I should do the things I love.  I love computers and pets!

​I started out many years ago tutoring calculus and trigonometry while in college.  I subsequently went to work for one of my students doing numerically controlled programming.  I programmed  lathes and multi-axis milling machines. After working for my student for a couple of years I went to work for a machine tool manufacturer. That was fun!  

I eventually found my way into aerospace where I branched out into computer graphics and robotics.  In the end I wound up doing support for systems that had a variety of operating systems on them.  I supported unix, VMS (oldie but a goodie), Windows and Mac.  I worked for Boeing / McDonnell Douglas for 22 years and then came to Tucson.

In Tucson  I worked for RightFax (now Open Text) for 7 years involved strictly with Windows on fax servers.  With that software I had exposure to SQL, MS Office, Oracle, fax hardware, networking and more. 

I am now living in Tucson but do go to Desert Hot Springs often.

See my servicescomputers and pets pages for more information.

I have a level one fingerprint card from Arizona which is the same thing as a life-scan for California.  
Nancy Statham, BSCS